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Property Management

We attribute Landmark Consolidated’s success to our exceptional 100-plus full-time employees who go the extra mile for our company, tenants, and customers 365 days a year. Landmark continually strives to remain a nationally respected and recognized property management company that, without exception, promotes strong ethics, integrity, superior customer service, and expertise.

Landmark Consolidated performs a complete range of services that ensure the efficient management of all our properties. These services include financial reporting, budget preparation, cost control, optimizing insurance coverage, and implementing and monitoring interior and exterior maintenance programs. Our resources also allow us to provide impressive purchasing power to yield significant cost savings for our partners, stakeholders, and company. Our property managers are hands-on leaders; leaving nothing to chance when it comes to maintaining and enhancing a property’s overall value.

Our mission is always to preserve and enhance property values for our investors and partners while preserving and improving the quality of life for our tenants, residents, and guests. Our passion at Landmark Consolidated is to do the very best.