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Institutional & Public Sector

For over three decades, the Landmark companies have developed and constructed an impressive portfolio of more than one hundred institutional, governmental, educational and public/private partnership projects. Our hugely successful track record implementing innovative real estate solutions for public sector institutions and entities throughout the nation is a result of our combined intimate understanding of real estate development and finance (taxable and tax-exempt). We provide educated solutions to real estate development and financing challenges that maximizes value to the governmental project sponsor, the project investors’ and especially the taxpayers by reducing project delivery time and lowering capital and life cycle costs.


It is with great pride that as a result of our portfolio, Landmark is recognized as a national leader in this sector. Our accomplishments in this sector are diverse. Landmark developed, financed and co-owned the first privately owned and operated US federal prison. Landmark conceived and sponsored the concept and legislation that paved the way for the private financing of public schools in the State of Texas, using an innovative lease-purchase program that was first implemented to finance privately owned prisons for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.


Landmark has supported many local governmental entities in their process to understand the available financial structures and sources that will allow their essential projects to come to fruition. The results of this process are not only the realization of essential public sector buildings in cities all across the nation but also strong financial returns for the project investors.